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In a landmark step, parliamentarians from countries in Central, East and the Horn of Africa, gathering at a conference organised by UNDP and AWEPA on 26-28 November 2003, reached an agreement on a Plan of Action for parliamentarians, aimed at reducing the illicit distribution of small arms and light weapons. In this Mombasa Plan of Action, parliamentarians agreed to urge their governments to adjust national legislation to create more efficient control on small arms. This booklet is earmarked to be a practical handbook. It seeks to serve parliamentarians during their efforts to make further progress on the issue of small arms and light weapons. The booklet contains information on what has been achieved in Mombasa, introduces parliamentarians who are new to the issue to what it entails, and elaborates on what the problem of small arms means for African countries in Central, East- and the Horn of Africa. It also seeks to assess what these countries might contribute to solve the problem, in particular with regard to legislation.

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