A recipe for Parliamentary impact? An academic guide to effective engagement

This report provides practical guidance for academics looking to engage gathered through workshops with UK parliamentary staff. 
As outlined in the report, there are three main ways for academics to enhance their engagement with Parliament. First, to recognise that there are different sites in Parliament that use research. Second, to understand that these different parliamentary sites use and gather knowledge in diverging ways. Lastly, to present clear, accessible and timely evidence that ideally uses illustrative case studies or statistics.  
The report also recommends three strategies that academics can employ to potentially increase the use and uptake of research findings:
  • Translate findings more effectively
  • Cultivate relationships and build trust with policy makers
  • Co-produce research in partnership with parliamentary actors
To read more, please follow this link to download the full report or this link to download the associated academic paper.
If you use the information detailed in the report, please cite as follows: 
Dommett, K., Geddes, M., Prosser, B. (2017) A recipe for Parliamentary impact? An academic guide to effective engagement. Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Sheffield.
Download  the document  here