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Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny webinar


Chaired by Shannon O’Connell, WFD’s Senior Gender and Politics Adviser, and Franklin De Vrieze, WFD’s Senior Governance Adviser, WFD held a webinar on the 23 July that examined how practitioners can ensure that legislation at the very least does not harm and, at its very best, delivers better lifetime opportunities for those facing structural disadvantage. This discussion is part of a broader project to work with practitioners to bring in practices that can better understand the impact of legislation from a gender perspective. Further information can be found here.

• Dr Maria Mousmouti, Lecturer in Law, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
• Dr Sonia Palmieri, Policy Fellow (Gender), Australian National University
• Sheila Quinn, Gender Expert
• Dr Tom Caygill, Lecturer in Politics, Newcastle University