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Advancing Gender Equality in Security and Defense Reform in Ukraine

The findings of the review of the Verkhovna Rada Committees within the legislative architecture on security and defense reform reveal that legislative and policy commitments have progressed. Although this is a good finding, meaningful implementation and oversight remain limited. The data identifies a clear gap in the practical efforts of the Committees to take gender into account and advance gender equality. This gap is mirrored in the attitudes and beliefs of some Committee members and Secretariat staff. These individuals report that gender is sufficiently addressed, while not being a necessary consideration in most cases. Therefore, gender is not taken into account on a consistent basis.

Topics of Focus:

  • Lack of recognition of the relevance of gender equality, in relation to security and defense sector reform;
  • Low levels of coordination and integration of gender equality within security and defense sector reform activities, programs and oversight functions;
  • Low level of women’s representation and participation within the security and defense sector;
  • The prevalence of discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence against women within the security and defense sector.
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