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Comprehensive transitional justice processes supports the achievement of Agenda 2030, by promoting justice, peace, quality education and gender equality as a vehicle towards for more inclusive justice systems.

Through more than 10 years, UNDP has been supporting transitional justice processes with an integrated approach to support sustaining peace. This strategic report covers a wide range of UNDP’s support to transitional justice processes providing good practices, country cases and key strategic alliances with UN partners, such as OHCHR, UN Women, and UN peace missions.

The report looks to:

• Outline the main areas of UNDP’s work in transitional justice

• Share successful experiences and current challenges from countries around the world

• Offer recommendations for strategic transitional justice programming

The key areas highlighted in the report are participatory processes, institutional transformation for proper accountability, reparations programmes and conflict prevention and sustaining peace to promote resilience and social cohesion for affected communities.

Key lessons and recommendations are also outlined for practitioners to consider when designing and implementing transitional justice programmes and to draw out key findings and recommendations as well as identifies opportunities for more investment in transitional justice moving forward.