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How parliamentarians can attract investment and drive the transition to a renewable energy economy

How can we protect our citizens from climate change? How can we tap into the sun that pours out of our skies and the wind that blows across our coasts and deserts? How can we create jobs for our constituents and power our economies into the future?

Renewable energy legislation holds many of the answers to these questions. Legislation is the cornerstone of renewable energy development; it lays the foundations that create stable and ambitious policies that attract investment.

The Climate Parliament / UNDP international parliamentary committee hearing focused on the actions that legislators from across the Arab region can take in their national parliaments to strengthen renewable energy legislation. The four sessions focused on the following issues:

1. The key to success: how MENA countries can attract investment on a massive scale. What is the most efficient way to finance renewable energy projects? What needs to be done to make renewable energy a priority for development banks and agencies or regional organisations?

2. Designing the ideal renewable energy law: Can strong, ambitious renewable energy policy exist without supporting legislation? What are the indispensible elements of a successful renewable energy policy?

3. Towards a connected future: the revolutionary potential of interregional RE networks: What can we do to encourage our governments to support international renewable energy trading? Why haven’t we got a supergrid already? Should the initial focus be on creating the right conditions in exporting countries, or should we focus on market conditions in Europe?

4. Staying three steps ahead of government: the oversight role of parliamentarians: What tools and methods can MPs use to best conduct oversight on matters of renewable energy policy and implementation?

The report features an overview of speeches, presentations, and interventions made, and includes a full programme, participant list, and message of welcome from Climate Parliament Chairman Sir Graham Watson.

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