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The first Summit for Democracy, held in December 2021, brought together leaders from governments, representatives of the European Union and the United Nations with some involvement of civil society and the private sector. The objective was to set out an agenda for democratic renewal. It was the first of two planned Summits, and the year in between them has been designated a ‘Year of Action’—an opportunity for governments to implement the commitments to democracy made during the first Summit and for civil society to monitor their progress.

This report provides an analysis of the first Summit and presents several options and opportunities for the second Summit. Just over half the countries that attended the first Summit followed up with written commitments. There are several strategic considerations that could strengthen the Year of Action and shape an inclusive and effective second Summit, especially for the 98 countries that attended the first Summit and made political commitments to strengthen democracy. Making publicly accessible written commitments is central to the accountability of the Summit for Democracy and should be promoted further.

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