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Invitation to Tender – Maldives Online Course Development (WFD)

WFD Maldives is looking for a vendor to design and conduct an online course on parliamentary oversight and legislative scrutiny. The proposed course is to familiarise Majlis (parliament) officials, civil society organisations (CSOs) and media with basic theories and practical methods on parliamentary oversight functions and understanding their role in the process. The is an introduction-level course and is planned to conduct in English for about 40 participants including parliament officials, CSOs and Media. 

This course is structured into 8 topics with expert introductions, videos, presentations, readings, live discussions, forum posts, quizzes, and short assignments. Expected time for each topic is 2-3 hours. The vendor is expected to undertake all the tasks related to the facilation of e-platform and course conduct including engaging with experts and trainers, and developing content and materials. 

The closing date for this invitation to tender (ITT) will be 23 August 2021. WFD intends to issue a contract for the above goods/services, to be completed to WFD’s satisfaction, by 06 September 2021. 

For more information, please download the full outline of the scope and specification of this ITT

Bid submission  

All bids should be in a format that complies with the requirements of this ITT.  

Bids should be submitted by email to: WFD Maldives at We recommend that bids are submitted in PDF format where possible, except spreadsheets.  

Bids should refer clearly to the ITT reference number.  

Should you require any further information or clarifiation on this ITT, please contact WFD Maldives at