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The discovery of oil in itself does not automatically translate into development. Instead, it is the strategies, the economic framework and policy decisions of the government which create the environment for investment. Such decisions should be guided by empirical research. Since the announcement about Ghana’s oil find, there has been much literature on the oil discovery and its impact on the economy. However, it is difficult to assume the views of young people who are beneficiaries or victims of the decisions being made today. This nation-wide study sought to provide a major source of credible information to policy-makers on the views and expectations of young people in order to shape policies and programmes to make them responsive to their needs. Further, the study sought to measure the expectations of young people on the oil and gas sector, their level of appreciation of the oil and gas issues, their level of participation in the decision-making processes and how they would process their grievances. Again, the study considers what medium of communication will be most appropriate in reaching the majority of Ghanaians for the purposes of public education on oil and gas issues and expectation management.

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