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Policy briefs on parliamentary public debt management

These policy briefs, produced by WFD and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) provide information on the role of parliaments in debt transparency and debt sustainability explain parliamentary roles and good practices related to public debt. They are four policy briefs, structured around key themes:

  1. General debt management, which covers key concepts and definitions in public debt management and entry points for parliament to influence public debt management;
  2. Debt management legal framework, covering motivations and components of robust legal frameworks and loan agreement ratification;
  3. Oversight of debt management; including debt transparency and data accessibility, oversight throughout the budget cycle and key players in effective management of public debt;
  4. Debt decision-making and oversight in emergency contexts, including legislative powers and emergency financial assistance, fiscal rules and escape clauses, key actors in parliamentary oversight in emergency contexts and the gendered effects of public debt in emergencies.

Each brief highlights the important components that lead to effective debt management, in addition to noted constraints. The policy briefs provide a basis for increased awareness and engagements with parliaments around the world

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