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This country governance profile (CGP) is a tool for an overall appraisal and dialogue regarding the country’s major governance problems. Its objective is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of mechanisms and institutions for good governance at national level and assess their impact on the level of efficiency in the use of public and private resources. The CGP also helps foster, through the diagnosis and analysis of the Government’s good governance strategy, the adoption by the authorities and development partners, including the Bank, of a common approach for the promotion of governance. The CGP is not just another document in the area of good governance. On the contrary, it aims at creating synergy with the other initiatives pursuing the same objectives, notably objectives relating to country financial accountability assessment (CFAA), country procurement assessment review (CPAR) and public administration reform action plan. By the way, all these documents and reform programmes are part and parcel of the joint efforts of the Government and its partners to improve governance in Benin. The CGP is meant to be an issues and action paper outlining and reviewing Government’s present strategy so as to identify priority intervention areas for marked progress in governance. In this perspective, this CGP could contribute to the improvement of the coordination of development partners. It would thus facilitate the development and implementation of specific capacity building and reform programmes in the area of governance.

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