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The energy system of West Africa is facing serious interrelated challenges of energy access, energy security and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Furthermore, during the last years the ECOWAS Region has gone through an energy crisis that hampers social and economic development, and affects particularly low-income population groups. To address these multiple challenges, ECOWAS has taken action to adopt and implement a Energy Efficiency Policy.

The policy will contribute to achieving ECOWAS development goals in general, and specific goals for the energy sector, notably for energy security and for energy access (as defined in ECOWAS/UEMOA White Paper on Access to Energy Services in Peri-Urban and Rural Areas). The energy efficiency policy will complement the existing array of ECOWAS policies by addressing the challenge of making the most efficient use of the region's energy resources. Together with the policies on energy access and renewable energy, it will constitute a comprehensive ECOWAS policy framework to achieve Sustainable Energy for All, aiming for universal access by 2030. The policy contributes as well to the goals of the Africa-EU Energy Partnership. It will become a part of the overall ECOWAS energy policy framework, currently under development.

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